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Books and Reading: Find Your Next Great Read

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inside a dog is a place for teen readers. Here you can:

Be part of BGS150 Staff Reads!

Tell us what you have been reading!
Across Australia, school libraries are focusing on promoting reading for pleasure and understanding during Week 6 of this term, so to complement the BGS150 student reading challenge, we would like to challenge both teaching and non-teaching staff to record what you are reading during Week 6 – this can be fiction or non-fiction, magazines or books, print or digital.

Check out what Library staff are enjoying by clicking on their names to get some ideas and recommendations for your next read. 

Ms Oxley | Ms Palmer Ms Smith | Mr Hills | Mrs Van den Hout | Mr Russell 
Mr Kelly | Ms Hayden

As Brisbane Grammar School turns 150 this year we are holding the BGS150 Reading Challenge and we're issuing the challenge to all English classes!

It's easy to be take part in - just get your English class involved and record your reading in your Reading Log (Years 5-8) or with your English teacher (Years 9-12). All books will need to come from the 'challenge categories', and you will need to read at least one book from at least three different categories. Keep a look out for the poster in your English classrooms to see all the categories and further terms & conditions.

Years 5-8 have until end of Term 2
Years 9-12 have until end of Term 4.

There are no prizes - its just a fun challenge that promotes reading across the school - but your class will be immortalised as BGS150 Reading Challenge champions for all of time.

Happy reading!

Find your next great read in the BGS150 Reading Challenge!!

We are happy to take suggestions for new books!

Read the first chapter of newly published Young Adult  books here to see if you would like them.


Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova

Your One and Only by Adrianne Finlay

Inherit the Stars by Tessa Elwood