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Books and Reading: Phillip Gwynne

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BGS boys meet Phillip Gwynne

Phillip Gwynne at Grammar

Someof our Year 9 boys met Phillip Gwynne at the Somerset Celebration of Literature.

'Catch the Zolt' Book Trailer

Phillip Gwynne's Books

The Debt


Deadly, Unna? and Nukkin Ya


Book Review


Dom has just turned 15, and on his birthday he learns about a family secret that will change his life. Dom Silvagni's Great great great great grandfather Dominic came to Australia in 1822 during the Gold Rush, he was born into the 'NDRANGHETA, which is like the mafia but not as nice. He defaulted on a loan and as a consequence all Silvagnis males, upon reaching the age of 15, must make six repayments on his debt. His father repayed the Debt, his Grandfather did not,  and the price for this was a pound of flesh, they took his leg!  Happy Birthday Dom, it's your turn to pay The Debt!

Dom is not allowed to go to the police, he can't ask his family for help and he can't tell anyone about the Debt, but he has just been given his first directive...catch the Zolt.  The Zolt is a modern day Robin Hood, who has been joyriding in the cars and planes of the rich and has basically been making a nuisance of himself, he has escaped police custody, and now it looks like Dom is the one who has to find him.

There's lots of action, boat chases, shoot outs, helicopter rides and all of the glamour you would expect from the rich and famous on the Gold Coast.

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