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Year 7 Geography: Water Hazards

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Water - friend or enemy?

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There are numerous types of water hazards that shape both the natural environment and people’s activities.  Water hazards can be extremely dangerous to society and can become disasters when they destroy infrastructure or cause loss of life.  They can have enormous social, economic, political and environmental impacts.



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Books found in the Library Catalogue:

Droughts and Flooding Rains by David Ellyard

Flood by Melanie Guile

Try these Databases

Access our databases by clicking on the eResources link on the Assignment Help page of the Library Home page.

Library Webs is a great starting place for websites related to water hazards. Once you are in the database, do a search or choose a category.

Access ANZ Reference Centre by clicking on the eResources link on the Assignment Help page of the Library Home page.

This database will give you lots of information about specific weather events, including newspaper articles.

Synoptic Chart - Tropical Cyclone Dan

Download this PowerPoint for more information about reading synoptic charts:

Use APA CiteMaker when creating your Bibliography

When using our ANZ Reference Centre database, you can also cut and paste the APA reference already generated for you under the 'CITE" link on the right hand side of the page:


BOLTSS - Tropical Cyclone Rusty


 A good map should show:  Border,  Orientation,  Legend,  Title,  Scale,  Source

Download this PowerPoint to learn more about what to include in your map.