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Library Home: 2016

What happened in the eXchange in 2016....

Term 4 Activities

eXchange events happening this term.

Watch this space for dates.

Don't miss out!!

  • Learn to play the didgeridoo - something you've always wanted to do!
  • Create awesome videos using The eXchange green screen.
  • Music in the Learning Commons - try your hand on the keyboard!
  • Photoshop Tricks - turn your photos into cartoons! Year 7 & 8 Monday 8 August
  • Battle of the Bard - celebrate 400 years since Shakespeare's death - Thursday 21 July
  • Chess simul - try to beat one of our Premier Team players as he plays 15 people at once! - Wednesday 27 July
  • TEDx for Year 12 students - 100 tickets only Friday 12 August

Our inaugural Tea-Dueling competition - what a hoot!!

Challenge your favourite teacher to a duel!! Friday lunchtime in the Learning Commons

A project of

The Quadcopter Construction Crew - hard at work in The eXchange!

Droid Races Video - Read more about it on The Pulse

May the Fourth - Star Wars Trivia Quiz

Star Wars Droid Races - heaps of fun!

Meccano Creativity

Steampunk Science with Ms Bruerton

Tea-Dueling Video

Maximising Microsoft

Innovation and Big Ideas!!

Last Friday lunchtime Brian Ruddle, Managing Director of the
Impact Innovation Group,
a specialist innovation and technology commercialisation company and Project Director for Innovate Queensland
spoke to some of our Year 11 and 12 boys.
Brian's message:
See opportunities and take them.
If you’re not learning, re-think what you’re doing so you keep growing,

Build Your Own PC with Prithvi

This week in the eXchange

On the weekend Ms Barker presented a workshop in The eXchange to teacher librarians on effective marketing techniques. 

Becoming Job Ready

Steampunk Hat Making