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Books and Reading: James Phelan

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James Phelan

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'Alone' Series


BGS Book Review

“Four teenagers. One destroyed city. Thousands of infected predators.” 

James Phelan’s Alone: Chasers is a novel about four UN Youth Ambassadors who are on a camp in Manhattan, New York. The main character in the story is an Australian called Jesse, who has three friends: Dave, Mini and Anna. Dave is American, Mini is Taiwanese and Anna is British. The story begins when the four friends board a train in a subway tunnel. Unexpectedly, Jesse notices that a huge fireball is chasing them, and when it explodes, they black out.  After waking up, Jesse finds New York City inhabited by predators that drink anything they can find (including blood).  In this post-apocalyptic world, some of the buildings are in ruins, and it appears that Jesse and his friends are the only survivors not infected by a virus. The four friends seek refuge in a building called 30 Rock, where they can see what is going on in the city.  After days in the same building, not daring to go out, they wonder if there are any people like them, survivors not infected by the ‘vampire-like’ virus.

Alone: Chasers is a thrilling novel about survival with a fast-paced storyline, some horror and much suspense.  One of the best parts is the unexpected twist at the end.  I highly recommend it to all students, 13 years and older.

- Lilin Y. (Year 8)

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