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Great Resources for Teachers: Enhance TV

Here you will find many useful links to both curriculum and teaching ideas.

Access curriculum-linked movies and documentaries from Australian television.

Increase student engagement with movies, documentaries and educational TV programs

EnhanceTV is an educational video platform, giving you access to curriculum-linked content and an easy way to share it with your students. You can find, clip and share video with students and other teachers. The library includes a wide range of classroom-ready clips from Australian broadcast television, including news, entertainment and documentaries.

Create your own clips from videos or view clips created by other like-minded teachers. You can create a clip up to 10 minutes in length, from any full-length TV show or movie.


To help make the most of EnhanceTV, ensure you set your preferences if you haven't already done so. This will allow you to see the latest content our team has made available on your home page! Watch this short 2 minute video on how to set your preferences. 

Catalyst is Australia's premier science investigation series. Each week the team brings you stories from Australia and around the world, meeting scientists at the forefront of discovery.

Get your science fix on Enhance TV.

EnhanceTV has thousands of educational videos, clips, movies and playlists available to help you in the classroom.

These are available to watch and show anytime on any device.

If you are signed in to MyGrammar, you will be able to access this without a password.


EnhanceTV has compiled a list of 100 movies based on popular and classic children’s literature. Use these in your classroom to engage, motivate and reward your students!


Asterix And Obelix In Britain
Edouard Baer and Gerard Depardieu star as comic book duo Asterix and Obelix in this zany adventure, which sees Asterix cross the channel to help his second-cousin Anticlimax face Caesar and the invading Romans. 


Journey to the Centre of the Earth
A hunch prompts geology professor Trevor Anderson to set off for Iceland in search of a portal to Earth's core.


Where the Wild Things Are
Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world - a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler.