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Great Resources for Teachers: Media at BGS

Here you will find many useful links to both curriculum and teaching ideas.

Sony NX30                                                                                

The Sony NX30 is a great little camera that is easy to use. No need to worry about a lens cap, it turns on the moment you open the screen. With its standard battery it can run for over three hours. It has handy little features including a built in talent light and a projector so students can quickly collaborate and don’t have to stare at a small screen or turn on a computer. It even has night-vision which can be a lot of fun on school camps.  It comes with a shotgun microphone and dust hood which can easily be removed should you want to use something a little smaller. The moment the microphone is removed the internal microphone takes over so audio is still possible.   It also features a photo button. When you are not shooting amazing video you can use this to get some still shots.
Each NX30 comes ready with a tripod mount attached to reduce damage and loss of screws etc.
There are plenty of options to customise your shots and each day the library staff will ensure all settings are returned back to auto to ensure a teacher can simply point and shoot without having to worry about                                                                     settings to avoid loss of classroom learning time.  We can even set one up on a tripod ready for you in                                                                   your room if you let us know in advance.


These cameras were purchased for ease of use in regards to recording PD sessions.
The cameras whilst very small and simple are able to record excellent quality audio and have a wide angle lens to help capture whole classroom situations. There is even a wind sock available in the kit for recording outdoor lessons to reduce wind noise.
Each kit includes a mini tripod. This is an easy, small light weight setup.
No fancy bells and whistles but a good battery life of just over 2 hours. Perfect for PD sessions.


Sony Action Cam Mini
This little HD camera is the one to use if the event is near or underwater or the event requires someone to wear the camera. It has a live view remote to ensure the shot is being set correctly giving you full control over the camera via the wearer’s wrist.
It can easily take stills or timelapses as well as video. Current available mounts within our kit are: suction, wrist and chest.
It has a battery life of approximately 1hr 15 minutes.


FLIP Cameras
Whilst these are no longer being produced and are being sadly missed by educators everywhere, we still have a few functioning and being utilised around the school. Made popular for being small, robust and having a simple easy to use interface as well as internal memory and a flip out USB adapter to charge and transfer data.
(No longer made by the company due to dying market thanks to smart phone


Cannon 600D
This kit has two lenses, the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm zoom lens.
Easy to use - built in flash, great photos and up to 30 minutes of HD video, should it be required.


Cannon 1200D
This has a single18-55mm lens.
Easy to use - great photos and up to 30 minutes of HD video, should it be required.


Various Small Digital Cameras
Simple point and shoot cameras, easy to use without supervision. There is a class set of Coolpix cameras available to book for lessons accompanied by rechargable batteries.


Various microphones are available from the Media Specialist when very high quality audio is required.  

Please talk to Sam Russell about your needs via the Media Helpdesk ( > Media) when booking your camera. 

The Miller tripods are heavy, tough and durable. Ideal for setting up steady shots when using the Sony NX30 Video Cameras. 






The Miller Solopod is an excellent option if you are going camping or to a sporting event and want to travel light.  Solopod's help to keep the shot steady but save on carting a heavy tripod. 






The Diadea tripods are medium weight, they are great for if you are traveling or going out to Moogerah as they are much lighter than the Millers.  An ideal tripod for the smaller model cameras. 






 The mini tripods are ideal for the Zoom cameras and the class set of Cannon point and shoot cameras.    There are a class set of the mini tripods available to accompany the Coolpix cameras. 

 A collection of Touro external hard drives are available to borrow should you require your footage to be transferred to your own computer or you would like to sort through it at your own convenience. Can also be used for times when you are wanting to work offline on a large project and need space.  


There may come times when you wish your class were all using computer mice, some software may be dependent on the operation of a mouse rather than a touch pen. The mice are all wired via usb for reliability.  

We have one class set that can be lent out to your class, individual loans can also be arranged if required. 

CB301 - Film Studio                                                               

The film studio is fitted with lighting and a wide chroma key drape (green screen).
The studio also has a Super 35mm Camera (Sony fs100) fitted with a LiteRing which gives an almost instantaneous perfect green screen or blue screen with the flick of a switch.
Live keying software is also available (currently using Wirecast) for those times when you want post production time avoided and an instant result to be achieved.
Above the camera is a large 32” monitor which is being utilised as a Teleprompter from which scripts can be read. Beneath the camera sits a monitor which the talent is able to see to help position themselves in frame better.
The studio also has a technician to help you out as much or little as you require. Should you want to record in privacy he is happy to leave.
(Students will be supervised/the technician will remain in the studio).
Note: due to space restrictions only 8 students can enter the studio at one time.

   Portable pop-up studio​                                                            

The pop up chroma key screen works the same way as the studio drape on a smaller scale. An instant green screen or blue screen can be obtained and talent can be in close proximity to the screen unlike a regular green or blue screen.The benefit of this screen is it can be taken into classrooms or borrowed by a teacher and taken home. There is even a LiteRing to fit the smaller Sony NX30 cameras for ease of transportation. An adapter is also available for the DSLR Cannon Cameras. As can be seen in the images below live keying can be used to allow for an instant result. When used in conjunction with the CB203 library the existing screens around the room can be utilised for an engaging experience for class members.  The live key performances can easily be recorded for later viewing/marking.


20 available for class use, accessed via the Middle School Library.  Should you require a particular app please see the library staff a week in advance. 

Also Available through the MS Library are more of the following:
• ipads

• Various Small Digital Cameras

• Flip Cameras

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