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With your Student ID, you have access to thousands of free eBooks and AudioBooks, downloadable to your phone or tablet. For more information click on each of the graphics to start exploring.

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TV, Film and Documentaries to support your learning and assignments.

ClickView and EnhanceTV record programs from free-to-air broadcasters and 9 Foxtel's channels to support your learning.

BGS library staff are available to help students and staff to access, clip and download programs for learning and research purposes.

Lego feature from 60 minutes - Channel 9

For the sheer genius of its simple design, the humble Lego plastic brick stands out as the most successful – and fun – children’s plaything of all time. Unless of course you stand on one. But painful or not, Liam Bartlett reveals there is one Lego statistic that is completely mind-boggling. In the 60-year history of the company, over seven hundred billion – yes billion – pieces of Lego have been made. 

If you’re in need of a SLR camera to assist your art or design work, a video camera to experiment for your next short film, or just need to borrow a hard drive, BGS Film Studio can help you with a range of equipment – check out the studio's wide range here.

To discuss media requirements contact Sam Russell  Ext. 332 or email

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