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This guide contains some of the war books we have in our Middle School collection. There are many more to explore. Some of the titles listed are fiction and some are non-fiction.

Other Reading Websites

Here are some lists of titles from other websites:

Types of War Stories


Australian troops at Mena Camp, Egypt, December 1914, looking towards the Pyramids. Many Australian units brought kangaroos and other Australian animals with them to Egypt, and some were given to the Cairo Zoological Gardens when the units went to Gallipoli.

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Kalikodobu, New Guinea. October 1942 N157031 Lieutenant C.G.D. Butler (left) and two other members of the party of the 2/14th Infantry Battalion which were cut off from the main body of troops near Myola during the withdrawal across the Owen Stanley Ranges. In the final stages of the withdrawal in August the party used rafts built by friendly natives to move down the Kemp-Welch River to safety after being in the jungle 42 days. [AWM 069242

Soldiers of the First Battalion scatter for cover after landing for a search-and-destroy mission in July 1965. Feelings of abandonment among Australian troops grew as the Vietnam conflict dragged on. Photo: Stuart MacGladrie Image from:

The Animals in War Memorial Credit: AIW

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