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Bioethics: Year 10 Science: Bioethics

The investigation and study of ways in which decisions in medicine and science touch upon our health and lives and upon our society and environment.


Evidence must be obtained by researching scientifically credible sources, such as:

  • scientific journals (see our databases),
  • books by well-credentialed scientists (see our databases),
  • websites of governments, universities, independent research bodies or scientific manufacturers (see below).


Research Databases

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YOUR TASK is to research one of these CLAIMS

1.  There should be compulsory testing for genetic diseases in Australia,

2.  Stem cell research should not be allowed on human embryos,

3.  Cloning technologies should be made available for infertile parents,

4.  Genetically modified animals for farming should be banned.

Crispr-Cas9 explained

Professor Jennifer Doudna, one the pioneers of Crispr-Cas9 gene editing explains how this important discovery enables precise changes to our DNA , which can be used to correct mutations that cause genetic disease and completely eradicate it from a germline. Doudna raises the 4 key issues of debate around this revolutionary discovery and suggests what will have the most immediate impact.

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Genetic Engineering

This program considers some of the possible benefits from detecting and preventing hereditary diseases in people, plants and animals to engineering resilient crops improving the quality and quantity of plants in farming. Potential problems are also considered, alongside secular and religious perspectives on the morality of intervening in nature at the most basic level (our DNA).

Search, browse and download current and previous articles of Popular Science magazine via ProQuest.

Latest available issue: Fall 2018; Vol. 290
Full text coverage: Jan 1992 (Vol. 240, no. 1) - present, some exceptions

Cite your references

Citemaker is our recommended option for referencing your sources.
Save your references into subject folders, or copy them straight into your document as you create them.

Alternatively, you can use
Charles Sturt University's
Academic Referencing Tool
to check that you have correctly formatted each of your references.

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