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Years 5/6 Book Club: Library Home

Book Club

Welcome to the Years 5/6 Book Club!

What Should I Read Next?

"I want to read a book like....."

Looking for reading suggestions? Type in the name of the book you liked and it will offer suggested titles. 


Goodreads has created a list of the Top 100 Middle School Must-Reads. Check it out! 

Senya recommends....

Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Hard Luck

"It is funny and weird and the parents don't really get what is going on."


Toby recommends....

Wings of Fire

"I like it because it is very detailed and has a very interesting plotline."


Martin recommends....

The Treehouse books

"This book is fun!"

Will recommends....

The Cherub series

"I like this series as there is a lot of action. You learn about the characters' backgrounds in between missions."

Little Books

Boys in our Book Club have been creating their own little books. Each book has 6 pages inside and a front and back cover. We are all looking forward to reading each other's work! 

Hugh's Recommendation

I read Eleven Eleven by Paul Dowsell. It's a very interesting book; it's about three boys who don't know that the armistice for WW1 has been signed and the war is over. It's an adventure for the three soldiers, one German, one British and one American. Really early in the book the Armistice is signed and so the book is more about their adventures, than fighting the war. It's the sort of book for more experienced readers and looks at the way the war has affected them. It is good because it is really unusual for the three soldiers from different sides to be united. If you are looking for a war story that is more than just about guns, this is a good choice.

Recommended by Hugh!


Click on the image above to go to the official Andy Mulligan site.

Our First Meeting

Here are the first members of the Book Club. We kicked off the term with an exciting trivia competition punctuated with a wild assortment of buzzer sounds!

The Joy of Books

Just what do books get up to at night when everyone has gone home?

What's On

We will meet on Friday lunchtimes in the odd weeks of each term, beginning Week 3 of Term 1.

Term 1 dates are: 13 February, 27 February, 13 March and  27 March.

Bring your food along!

You will have the opportunity to make suggestions for our meetings.


Daniel recommends....

Harry Potter: "I like it because I like fantasy books and it's a good magic book. It also has a really good movie."

Punula recommends...

Word Hunters 3: "I like how the characters persist to save English from the evil John Johnson."

Oscar recommends....

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

"I like it because it has action and adventure."

Ben recommends...

Billionaire's Curse

"This book is amazing and is a great suspenseful read. The story is about Gerald, a 12-year-old boy who finds out his recently deceased aunt has left him 20 billion pounds!"