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Library: 2023 Library Highlights

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Harmony Week Board Games
The boys played games from all over the world in celebration of Harmony Week!

Year 8 SciFi Fun

Orientation Day 2023

New Year 5 boys enjoying their new Library!

Creating a Culture of Reading in Year 7

Earlier this term significant staff talked to our Year 7 classes about the value and benefit of reading in their own lives.

Each student then had to respond by completing the task "I used to think reading ....I now think reading ..."  It was very rewarding to see the positive responses from the boys and to see them acknowledge a shift in their thinking.

Book Week Activities
Which ones did you enjoy?

Year 6 READ Poster Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our fabulous graphic designers: Jack, Fraser B, Fraser S, Simran and Jared. They were inspired by Book Week to create awesome Read Posters in their Library lessons. Using Canva the boys literally put themselves in the picture!