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Watchful, Wary and Wise - Be Smart Online: Change the World for Good

Learning how to behave appropriately and responsibly online, stay safe and create a positive personal profile are skills that everyone needs to develop

Samuel Anderson - Toowoomba Grammar School

Photo: Jamie Hanson Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

Samuel Anderson, a 2012 Year 12 student from Toowoomba Grammar School, has elected to raise money for the West Africa Food Crisis during Schoolies Week, rather than spending it on himself.

You can view his fundraising efforts on his Oxfam website, and read the Courier Mail article about him, School of New Thought.

Image from

Two Questions that can Change Your Life

Positive Facebook Use

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Online Volunteering


Online Volunteering

Chris Eigeland

Chris Eigeland works as a catalyst in connecting youth with the issues facing our generation, utilising new and social media to encourage social change while studying Law and International Relations in Brisbane.

On an international level, he co-founded and resides as Chief Communications Officer of The Schoolbag ( - leading a team of international volunteers in 2011 to provide educational resources to over 11,000 students in Haiti.

On a local level, he is founding President of the Grigffith University Volunteering Organisation (SIFE), which manages over 100 volunteers and four projects (, including providing international aid to remote villages in Cambodia and Nepal, and revamping the digital and social presence of national charitable causes. Recently, after the Queensland floods, Chris founded Ourstories ( as a social platform for catalysing donations to those affected.

Recently, in recognition of his contribution, Chris was awarded a Prime Ministers' Asia-Australia Award.

(Information from

Chris Raine

When 21-year-old Chris Raine decided to spend a year without alcohol and blog about it, he didn’t realise how many young people he would influence in the future. His blog, Hello Sunday Morning, now reaches over 9000 people and has over 75 bloggers from across the world. 

To read about why he decided to create this blog, go to

Ryan's Well

Ryan Hreljac was just seven years old when he raised money for clean drinking water for African children. His first well was built in 1999 at a school in a Ugandan village and continues to serve thousands of people. 

The Ryan’s Well Foundation now involves over 650 schools from 30 countries in fundraising activities, and they have completed over 1500  water and sanitation projects and provided access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education for over 760,500 people.

The Ryan’s Well Foundation website can be found at:

Yaya Lu's Robotic Wheelchair

Yaya Lu is a 16 year old Tasmanian school girl who has designed, as a school IT project, a wheelchair robot to give complete paraplegics back some independence. What sets her design apart is a non-language-specific set of long and short voice commands which make the wheels go backwards, forwards, sideways and around.

Recently, after winning a CSIRO Science Award for her project, she was invited to present her research and prototype to the 5th Biomedical Engineering International Conference in Bangkok, a conference which normally only accepts papers from post-graduate students and university lecturers. (See Australian schoolgirl a science sensation)

While her wheelchair will benefit countless people in the future, Laya has been designing and playing with robots for a long time, all of which she has documented on her web pages since 2006:

This is a great example of someone who has created a positive online presence which will prove to prospective employers her ongoing passion for robotics and her commitment to innovation and creativity.

See a video of her robot wheelchair at Prototype language-independent voice control of a wheelchair by a complete quadriplegic. :

Image by Ying Chen in The Brisbane Times, Jan 16, 2013