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Financial Literacy: Investing (Y11)

Making wise decisions about money is a skill that everyone needs to know.

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Investing in the Stock Exchange

What is Superannuation

Whether you are in your first job after leaving school or only a few years from retirement, it pays to understand how superannuation works.

By the time you are ready to retire, your superannuation could have grown to be one of the largest assets you will have in your life.

This is your investment in your future. It’s important to understand why you need it, what you’re entitled to, how you can contribute and how you can best manage the money for your retirement.

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Risk Management

A canny investor must consider the risks.

Check out these!

What you need to live on by the time you retire

This planner works out how much you could save in your super until you retire. 

Once you retire, it assumes you don't contribute any more to super. So then it works out how much you can draw out of your super
in retirement. 

Finally, it works out how much of the government age pension you may be able to receive.

But first, check out this Retirement Planner Engine from the Australian Government.

What to do with debt


What can I do if I'm in debt?

You should take action to manage your debts as soon you can, to avoid your debts spiralling out of control. You could try:

  • preparing a budget (check out the websites above to help you out);
  • finding a part time job or selling your goods; and
  • saving money by cutting down your spending on things you don’t really need.

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    Making a Financial Plan

    Financial Planning is a program of helping you identify and define your personal and financial goals. Once identified, a strategy can be tailored to reach these goals and objectives. Implementation of your own personal financial plan is the first step on the journey to financial freedom.

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    Be MoneySmart!


    MoneySmart is aimed at helping all Australians by offering free, independent guidance so people

    can make the best choices for their money. The website covers the basics such as budgeting, saving,

    credit cards and loans, and more complicated issues such as optimal superannuation contributions,

    margin loans, reverse mortgages and income tax.