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Financial Literacy: Saving (Y11)

Making wise decisions about money is a skill that everyone needs to know.

Interest-Free Loans?

Thinking about buying a new TV?

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Creating a realistic budget and sticking to it is a great way to help you save for the things you really want. If you've taken out a loan, budgeting will also help to manage the repayments.

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ANZ Bank Saving Tools

Tools to get you saving

So you’ve decided to get serious about saving. Good thinking. Here we have some practical online tools to help you build your finances for the future. Big or small, short term or long term, we can help get you saving.

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Paul Clitherow's Tips

Choosing a Bank Account with Choice Magazine




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Be Money Smart!


MoneySmart is aimed at helping all Australians by offering free, independent guidance so people

can make the best choices for their money. The website covers the basics such as budgeting, saving,

credit cards and loans, and more complicated issues such as optimal superannuation contributions,

margin loans, reverse mortgages and income tax. It has many new calculators and tools, including

four calculators that can be used on mobile phones.

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