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Copyright & Creative Commons, Free Images and Music: Copyright Friendly Music & Sounds

All things related to copyright, intellectual property, plagiarism, referencing, Creative Commons and copyright-friendly resources.

JewelBeat Music and Sounds

These free music tracks can be downloaded and looped seamlessly to create a longer music track for your projects. Just link back to the website.  Free sounds are also available.

Legal Music from Creative Commons


Where can I find CC-licensed music?

Several sites offer music published under Creative Commons’ flexible copyright licenses. Here are some:

    •  ccMixter
    •  free Creative Commons music, featuring a large range of genres.
    • DigccMixter: a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.
    • Jamendo: a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.
    • Magnatune: find the music you like, then click the 'licence' link and select the option 'non-commercial and student projects.'
    • Simuze
    • BeatPick:  Free music for on-commercial projects.
    • SectionZ;  Some good loops
    • Opsound download works, make copies, share them, include them in other works, remix and rearrange them, even sell them.
    • AudioFarm

Coyright Friendly Music and Sounds


More to try

Free Music Downloads on

 Bandcamp - you can listen to all music and some are free to download (vast library):

 Jamendo - 1000s to choose from:

 RCRD LBL - over 25,000 free singles, need an account but sign up is free:

 Daytrotter - one-click downloads

Purevolume - features both paid and free downloads



 Purple Planet

Terms of Use

Always remember to


even for the sites in this Guide.

Obtaining Permission to Reuse

Getting Permission

Unless you use images or music from a copyright-free site, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright owner to reuse/ remix them in the format you would like. Often the hardest part is finding who the copyright owner is.

This site gives the contact details for many music and movie companies, as well as sample permission letters for you to use and adapt.

Music Publisher Contacts
Record Company Contacts
Film Clip Clearance Contacts
Television Clip Clearance Contacts
Books, Articles, Photos and Illustrations Clearance Contacts 

Sample Permission Letter For Music
Sample Permission Letter For Movies

7 Sites for Free Music

The following are recommendations from Richard Byrne from his blog: Free Technology for Teachers

The Free Music Archive provides free, high-quality, music in a wide range of genres. The content on Free Music Archive is used under various creative commons licenses. The New York State Music Fund provided initial funding for FMA. FMA seeks to maintain a high-quality resource through the use of selected curators who approve or deny all submissions to the collection. Anyone can download music from FMA for use in podcasts, videos, and other digital presentation formats. The music collections can be searched by genre or by curator.


PodSafe Audio, is a resource that I discovered last summer and had some of my students use last year. PodSafe Audio is good place to locate and download free music for multimedia presentations. PodSafe Audio is a community of musicians who create music and share it for the purpose of fair-use in podcasts.


Sound Bible is a resource for finding and downloading free sound clips, sound effects, and sound bites. All of the sounds on Sound Bible are either public domain or labeled with a Creative Commons license. You can find sounds for use in podcasts, videos, slideshows, or other multimedia creations.


Royalty Free Music hosts music tracks that can be reused in numerous ways. Royalty Free Music charges the general public for their downloads, but students and teachers can download quite a bit of the music for free. To access the free music tracks students and teachers should visit the education page on Royalty Free Music.


Jamendo is a source of free and legal music downloads. The music on Jamendo comes from the artists who upload it themselves. While not all of the music is licensed for re-use, there is a substantial collection of music labeled with a Creative Commons license. As always, before re-using any of the music you download make sure it is labeled for re-use.


From the same people that brought us the great computational search engine Wolfram Alpha comes Wolfram Tones. Wolfram Tones uses algorithms, music theory, and sound samples to generate new collections of sounds. Visitors to Wolfram Tones can experiment with sounds and rhythms to make their own sounds. Wolfram Tones allows visitors to choose samples from fifteen different genres of music on which to build their own sounds. Once a genre is selected visitors can then alter the rhythms, instrumentation, and pitch mapping of their sounds. When satisfied with their creations, users can download their sounds or have them sent directly to their cell phones.

Monkey Machine is a free web-based program that allows students to experiment with drum set sounds and rhythms. Using Monkey Machine students can customize the selection of drums and cymbals in their virtual drum set. Monkey Machine also allows students to customize the tempo in their drum tracks and the frequency with which each drum or cymbal is played. All tracks created using Monkey Machine can be downloaded as MIDI files.

Free Sounds

Links for Audio Resources



Free Sheet Music

Image from H Varian's Flickr photostream  -  This site offers free music scores in the following categories, but read the Terms of Agreement

Create Your Own Music

Image from lightstar's Flickr photos in Wikimedia Commons