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Copyright & Creative Commons, Free Images and Music: Copyright Friendly Video & Multimedia

All things related to copyright, intellectual property, plagiarism, referencing, Creative Commons and copyright-friendly resources.

Stock Footage for Free

  • Footage from around the world
  • Use the footage in all types of projects (commercial included!)
  • Download as much as you want
  • There are absolutely no fees!

ACMI Free Media Library

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has a lot of free videos available at the  Generator free media library.

'Find and download copyright-free video, images and sounds. Share your images, video footage and sound files with the Generator community by adding your own to the library.'

Video Clips

Public Domain Video Clips

FedFlix, hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. The topics of these films range from presidential speeches to agricultural practices to public health and safety. Some films are instructional in nature, for example there is a film for police officers on how to arrest someone. Other films are more informative in nature and some films are flat-out propaganda films.

All of the FedFlix films are in the public domain so feel free to reuse and remix them as you desire. The films can be downloaded or viewed online. Films can also be embedded into your blog or website.


Information from Richard Byrnes' blog: Free Technology for Teachers

YouTube Copyright Centre

YouTube have recently launched a Copyright Centre where they offer useful information for people who have created content which others have used without permission, and information for people who are posting content without permission.

The page of Frequently Asked Questions is particularly helpful to guide you as to what you can and cannot do.

Obtaining Permission to Reuse

Getting Permission

Unless you use images or music from a copyright-free site, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright owner to reuse/ remix them in the format you would like. Often the hardest part is finding who the copyright owner is.

This site gives the contact details for many music and movie companies, as well as sample permission letters for you to use and adapt.

Music Publisher Contacts
Record Company Contacts
Film Clip Clearance Contacts
Television Clip Clearance Contacts
Books, Articles, Photos and Illustrations Clearance Contacts 

Sample Permission Letter For Music
Sample Permission Letter For Movies

Royalty-Free Video

This information comes from Christopher Rick on REELSEO:

Many places offer subscriptions or pay-per-download services. Some are completely free. Be sure you read the license on the material to make sure you can use it for your project prior to purchasing.

After Effects Projects and Loops
Over 3,000 Royalty Free video files from $1. Other sites for the company include and

Search our royalty free stock images and photos or browse a giant selection of stock photography. They also have some video clips as well as photos.

Beachfront B-Roll

Unique HD stock video footage and animated backgrounds. Including time-lapse and animations.

Thought Equity

Some seriously high-quality footage including stock footage in HD from companies like Sony, National Geographic, MGM, NBC, HBO, Marvel Entertainment and more.

Shutterstock Footage
With top quality video material, a user-friendly interface, and an affordable cost structure. Prices start at $10 per clip.

Quality HD stock footage shot on film and video with the largest selection of royalty free clips available.

Royalty Free HD
Expensive, high-definition stock footage. All are high quality and professionally made but prices start at $149 per piece. Include collections of pieces for $699.

The world’s first open marketplace for stock video footage, and it’s a better way for video professionals to buy or sell stock footage for use in productions.

Flat Rate Pricing * Immediate Downloads for All Orders * Footage Includes All Rights for All Media, WorldWide, and In Perpetuity. Flat Rate Pricing of $50 per clip Other sites include – All clips are 720×486 29.97fps Quicktime/Photo-JPEG

Action Backs
I included this place because it’s got some great animated backgrounds that you could then throw whatever you needed on top of.

Always HD
built to provide professional Cinematographers and 3D Animators with a means to market their footage; actively seeking out camera operators, studios, and artists whose work will be of benefit to video producers around the world by focusing exclusively on the sale of High Definition (and emerging 2K / 4K formats).


A community driven platform with a huge collection of free HD stock videos and free b-roll footages. 

Animation Factory
Another place specializing in background animations with hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Wrightwood Laboratories
If you need outer space then you need these guys. Part of the GotFootage network but man have they got space footage.

Ocean Footage
If you are looking for something closer to home then this is the place to search. All sorts of oceanic footage.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a website where anyone can upload videos for anyone else to freely use.  The video collection is growing, though not all are at a professional standard.