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Year 10 Art: Male Figure Sculptures and Masculinity

Use this Libguide to begin your research for Year 10 Art.


Throughout time sculptures of male figures have projected models of masculinity.


Research sculpture from Ancient Greece to contemporary art to understand the changes to the representations of the male figure and how values of societies are projected through art.


·         Use the steps of justification to support the claim

·         Support the claim by referring to three sculptures from the list below.

·         As part of your evidence, examine in detail the formal qualities and the thematic communication for each sculpture.


Get started

Choose the keywords from your topic and use these as your search terms.

Gain a general overview of your topic from reference material, such as a dictionary or encyclopaedia.


Definition of Masculinity - Yourdictionary  


Greek , Roman Gothic Sculpture

“Hermes” by Praxitiles


"Dying Gaul”

Reading between the loins:a curious anomaly in the portrayal of the male physique in Greek sculpture. P Tennant. Akroterion. (Annual 2008) p31. Word Count: 3144.Despite their apparent mastery of the representation of anatomical detail, Greek and Greco-Roman sculptors from the Classical period onwards regularly.

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Concept of Masculinity over Time

The death of macho: manly men have been running the world forever. But the Great Recession is changing all that, and it will alter the course of history. Reihan Salam. Foreign Policy. .173 (July-August 2009) p65. Word Count: 3025.The era of male dominance is coming to an end. seriously. For years, the world has been witnessing a quiet but monumental shift of power from men to women. Today, the Great Recession has turned what was an evolutionary ...

Flirting with the past: a survey of current work in the history of sexuality. Sally Newman. Hecate. 33.2 (Nov. 2007) p159. Word Count: 1998.My brief was to provide a survey of the range of women's, gender or feminist history currently being published in journals on sexuality. This encompasses an enormous historical, geographical and cultural terrain that ...

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Books in the Library

Renaissance / Classical Sculptors

“David”  Michelangelo

“Moses” Michelangelo

“Balzac” Rodin

“Burghers of Calais”

Donatello's Gattamelata and its humanist audience *. Mary Bergstein. Renaissance Quarterly. 55.3 (Autumn 2002) p833. Word Count: 12317.Two small nude horsemen located in the armorial decoration of Donatello's Gattamelata yield new insights about the use of Greek sources in Renaissance art. Here it is speculated that Donatello was informed by a drawing ...

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Videos on Clickview

Private life of a masterpiece: Michaelangelo’s David  (45 mins)

Maurizio Cattelan: How to get ahead in the Art World  (29 mins)

Alberto Giancometti:  Eyes on the horizon (58 mins)

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See the second page of this guide for information on how to reference and create a bibliography using APA style.