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Year 10 Art: Lichtenstein and The Pop Art Movement

Use this Libguide to begin your research for Year 10 Art.

Assignment Task

Task: From your investigation into Lichtenstein formulate an hypothesis then justify the following claim:  


"The art of Roy Lichtenstein was no joke."




“Roy Lichtenstein’s name is synonymous with Pop Art. As a master of appropriation, he applied a refined strategic approach to his creative energies and constructed his entire body of work following a sophisticated process of image selection, reinterpretation and reissue. Lichtenstein developed a central creative principle that became a potent formula: an ability to identify cultural clichés and to repackage them as monumental remixes. His works stand today as icons of 1960s and 1970s America with his characteristic comic book and Benday dot imagery continuing to inspire contemporary visual culture.”


 Cree, L.M., 2012 Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Remix NGA Publishing, Canberra.



Use the steps of justification to support the claim

Support the claim by defining the serious intent of Lichtenstein’s art work. It should include:

His participation in and contribution to the Pop Art movement

His identification of cultural clichés through appropriation

His artistic oeuvre

Qualify the claim by

defining how his work acted as parody.

As part of your evidence, examine a number of artists from the modern era as well as Pop Art.


Modern Art Museums

 MoMA | The Collection | Pop art

Lawrence Alloway (1926–1990), the critic who first used the term in print in 1958, conceived of Pop art as the lower end of a popular-art to fine-art continuum, ...


Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Details of exhibitions, educational programs, special events, opening hours and membership options. Located at Circular Quay, Sydney.


Centre Pompidou - Art culture musée expositions cinémas ...

Site du Centre Pompidou (Paris) : agenda des manifestations, collection en ligne, informations pratiques, achat de billets, etc.

Claude Monet




 Websites on Monet and his art:


Nancy Doyle Fine art

National Gallery of Victoria

John Haber in New York

Suite 101: Modern art history



Piet Mondrian

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock




Websites on Jackson Pollock


NGA:Jackson Pollock web feature - National Gallery of Art

In-depth study of the life and work of the artist with particular emphasis on Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist).


WebMuseum: Pollock, Jackson

Jackson Pollock, 1947. Pollock ... He began to study painting in 1929 at the ArtStudents' League, New York, under the Regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton.

Claes Oldenburg

 Claes Oldenburg


Websites on Claes Oldenberg 

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen

This is the official website of the artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. ALL IMAGES AND TEXT ON THIS SITE ARE COPYRIGHT CLAES ...


Whitney Museum of American Art: Claes Oldenburg

About the artist. Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg work on Profiterole, 1989 (edition of 75) at Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles. Photograph by Sidney ...


Jasper Johns

Websites on Jasper Johns


Jasper Johns Biography, Art, and Analysis of Paintings by TheArtStory

The Art Story - Jasper Johns Artist Biography, Major Works, Key Ideas and Analysis.


Jasper Johns, his paintings, quotes, and biography

Still, many compilations on pop art include Jasper Johns as a pop artist because of hisartistic use of classical iconography. Early works were composed using ... 

James Rosenquist

Websites on James Rosenquist


James Rosenquist American Artist Paintings Prints

Official website for the American artist whose 40-year career is celebrated in a fall 2003 retrospective at New York's Guggenheim Museum. Paintings, drawings ...



Artist James Rosenquist


Artist James Rosenquist interview YouTube 5 August 2009 – 8 min- Uploaded by FloridaTrend The renounded pop artist sits down for a chat with Florida Trend’s Art Levy.

Books from the Senior Library

BlamCredit Rental Art Gallery

THe POP ART movement

 Pop Art Apartment




Websites on POP ART



What is Pop Art - Art Articles

pop art by Roy Lichtenstein. Pop Art is the movement in art when artists began to create art with the subject of things that are the iconic in nature such as famous ...


Blake Leading light of Pop Art  BBC News 14 Jun 2002 – Peter Blake, who has been knighted in the Queen's birthday honours list, was one of the leading lights of the pop art movement of the 1960s.

Making the ordinary pop (How does an object go from being ordinary to becoming art) The Kennedy Centre Arts Edge.



Andy Warhol

Cambell's soup tin



Websites on Andy Warhol


Gagosian Gallery , Madison Avenue

Dia Art Foundation

Andy Warhol's Secret  The Osgood File (CBS Radio Network): 11/6/01  An art historian reveals the secret religious life of Pop-Art phenomenon Andy Warhol.


Laurie Anderson The celebrated performance artist discusses Andy Warhol, NASA and her work at McDonald’s By Kenneth R. Fletcher Smithsonian magazine, August 2008.


The Joker? The Art of Roy Lichtenstein

 Roy Lichtenstein





Websites on Roy Lichtenstein



The Lichtenstein Foundation  The estate of the artist with information about exhibitions of his work.


Roy Lichtenstein's Electric Cord resurfaces after 42 years The Guardian August 2012 Painting by pop art pioneer found in a New York City warehouse.


Roy Lichtenstein Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works | The Art Story Artworks and analysis: Roy Lichtenstein's high-impact, iconic images are synonymous with Pop art, and his technique of creating images has become central to ...

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Remix  National Gallery of Australia

Roy Lichtenstein was a master of appropriation. Applying a systematic approach to his creative energy, the artist's entire body of work was constructed following ...