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Year 10 Art: APA Referencing Guide

Use this Libguide to begin your research for Year 10 Art.

Basic APA Guide

Basic Principles

Read here to find basic rules for referencing and citing using APA.

For example, did you know that your Bibliography needs to be in alphabetical order?  Do you know the difference between a Reference List and a Bibliography?

APA Style    

This site gives the overall 'pattern' or template used for each type of resource. You just need to substitute your information for each resource.

Book > single author Journal > single author Website > author known
Book > 2 - 6 authors Journal > 2 - 6 authors Website > author unknown
Book > 7 or more authors Journal > 7 or more authors Document within website (eg. CSIRO, MyGrammar)
Book > corporate author Journal > no author Streaming video (eg. YouTube)
Book > no author Magazine > weekly Streaming audio (eg. podcasts)
Book > edited (single and multiple editors) Newspaper
Book > chapter
Book > multivolume (eg. anthologies) AUDIOVISUAL SOURCES OTHER
Book > preface, introduction etc. Film Lecture/Class notes

Unit booklet
DVD Personal communication (eg. emails, interviews)
Television program
Music recording




Quick Examples for Creating a Reference List

Click here for more detailed examples


Single author - Cipkowski, P. (1991). Revolution in Eastern Europe. New York: John Wiley & Sons.


2-6 authors -  Mason, K., & Fielden, P. (2007). Republic to Reich: A History of Germany, 1918-1939 (3rd ed.).Boston: McGraw-Hill.


7 or more authors -  Cite only the first author, followed by et al.


Corporate author - Oregon State University Soil Ecology Center. (1982). A directory of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms. Columbus, OH: Natural Resources Institute.


No author -

Book Chapter

Tizol, W.P. (1976). Brain function and memory. In J.M.O. Corney & H.L. Center (Eds.). An inside look at what we think we know. (pp. 154-184). Springfield, IL: American Psychiatric Press.


Journal Article

Bauzá, R.H. (1982). Manitoba nematodes. Journal of Cool Nematodes, 10, 252-264.


Gillespie, R.C., & Tupac, R.M. (1976). How confident people dance. American Dancing, 225, 82-90.


The lamb business. (1992, September 11). Willamette Valley Lamb, 97, 47-48.


Waite, L. J., Goldschneider, F. K., & Witsberger, C. (1986). Nonfamily living and the erosion of traditional family orientations among young adults. American Sociological Review, 51 (4), 541-554.


Magazine Article

Pozo, E. R. (2008, November 19). The way she loved me. Personal Literature, 290, 1113-1120.


Encyclopedia Article

Parker, S.A. (1947). Fetal development. In International encyclopedia of pregnancy (Vol. 7, pp. 202-207). New York: Aesculapius Publishers.


Newspaper Article

Amazing women. (1955, January 12). The Journal News, pp. D11, D14.


Electronic Journal Article From a Database

Tjader, J.W., Coltrane, J.A., & Taylor, A.A. (1995). A history of mockery. American Psychologist, 50, 750-765. Retrieved from PsycINFO database.


Electronic Journal Article (print version)

Rodriguez, G., Puente, S., & Mayfield , J. (2001). Role of upbringing in family attitudes. [Electronic version]. Journal of Family Research, 5, 117-123.



Summers, M. (2007) Cool scenes. Retrieved August 27, 2007, from


APA Basics

APA Referencing Using Word 2007

APA Referencing

Online Bibliography Creator

Style Wizard

Using Word 2007 and APA