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Year 12 Economics: International Economics

Understanding the forces that shape the modern world.

Government and Foreign Trade


Gillard Government Trade Policy Statement: Trading our way to ... [Australian Government. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade]
Opening up the Australian economy to more trade has made Australian .... ininternational tradeeconomic growth and poverty reduction, the Government is ...


Useful Links - [University of Adelaide, Institute for International Trade]

7 May 2012 – Institute for International Trade, The University of Adelaide ... South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES) ... (PIRSA) is a dynamic State Government agency committed to the economic development of the State and ...


International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia, April 2012   [Australian Bureau of Statistics]

More information on the International Trade in Services by Country, by State and by ...5 The conceptual framework used in compiling Australia's balance of payments ....These irregular influences may reflect both random economic events and ... basis, is the area under the effective control of the Australian government.



Great Databases from the Library Online Reference Centre

Opposing Viewpoints in Context 

An excellent database for looking at the pros and cons of current social issues: from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change; Health Care to Immigration.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context


Global Issues in Context 

Understand global issues, conflicts and events. Areas covered include sociology, current events, civics, politics, science, economics, cultural/religious studies, women’s studies and human rights.

Global Issues in Context 


Free Trade Agreements & WTO


[PDF] Research report - Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

[Australian Government. Productivity Commission]

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

for multilateral reform, regional integration and Australia's economy generally. In preparing this ... The World Trade Organization estimates that close to 400 free trade agreements ..... ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. ABS...


Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement [Australian Government. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade]
Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement - full text [PDF 455 KB] ... the key drivers of economic efficiency, innovation, wealth creation and consumer welfare; ... the multilateral trading system as reflected in the World Trade Organization (WTO); ...


 [DOC]  Australia  [World Trade Organization]

Trade is vital to Australia's economy and the prosperity of its people. ... Australia also pursues WTO-consistent bilateral and regional free trade agreement (FTAs) ...


Global Trade Watch [World Trade Organization]

The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement ... The WTO works to "liberalise" the world economy by reducing "barriers to trade" and encouraging countries to adopt ...


ECONOMY: US-Australia Free trade agreement and the national ... [Newsweekly]

April 10, 2004 ECONOMY: US-Australia Free trade agreement and the national interest ... This possibility is specifically recognised by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Foreign Investment


 [PDF]  Australia's Foreign Investment Policy (January 2012) [Australian Government. The Treasury]

AUSTRALIA'S FOREIGN INVESTMENT POLICY#. OUR APPROACH. The Government welcomes foreign investment. It has helped build Australia's economy ...


ABARES report provides facts about foreign investment [Australian Government. The Treasury] › Mark Arbib

18 Jan 2012 – Foreign investment in the agricultural sector enhances Australia's food... with broader benefits for the Australian economy," Senator Arbib said.


[PDF]   Senate Standing Committee on Economics' Inquiry into foreign ... [The australia Workers' Union]

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

Senate Standing Committee on Economics'. Inquiry into foreign investment inAustralia by state-owned companies. The Australian Workers' Union. April 2009 .


Tap Asia for farm funding, says Craig Emerson  [The Australian]
12 Mar 2012 – "Attaining food security . . . will require deeper integration of theAustralian economy with the economies of Asia through foreign investment in ...


Foreign investment and the whims of politicians [Institute of Public Affairs]

13 Mar 2012 – In September 2009, economics officials from the US embassy sat down with the then-head of Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board ...

Books from the Senior Library


Newport Mining Business Outlook Report 2012

1 day ago – Newport Mining Business Outlook Report 2012 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), text file (.txt) or read online for free.

      Investing in the Australian mining industry: A focus on coal and iron ... 1 Dec 2011 – Large scale foreign investment into Australia's mining industry started in the 1960's with the USA and Japan, and continues today with foreign ...

Australia's mining boom: fact or fiction? - The Drum Opinion - ABC 8 Sep 2011 – The true picture of Australian mining it reveals is startling, in all the parts that have ... Foreign investment is an integral part of our economy

Chinese mining investment Canada Australian foreign investment ... Tony Abbott wants to impose more regulation on Chinese investment just when overseas companies are citing Australia's rules as a better way.

[PDF] Box B: The Mining Sector and the External Accounts investment. Inflows of foreign investment to Australia's mining sector remain relatively high, helping to fund the large expansion in mining capacity currently ...

Pollies call for better review of foreign investment ... - Mining Australia Politicians have called for a review of foreign investment regulation in a bid to protect valuable food-producing farmland.



Australian Manufacturing Sector

Australian manufacturing

AMWU - Will the mining boom send manufacturing bust?  24 Aug 2011 – He believes increasing the international competitiveness of ...manufacturing sector and investment in infrastructure that benefits those sectors.

Propping up spent sectors is outdated The Australian - 4 days ago

The 1950s and 60s were great days for Australian manufacturing, which ... scaled back operations in Australia that were no longer competitive.

Motor vehicles

Kukelda Cartoon

Credit The Australia

[PDF] Submission to the Review of Australia's Automotive Industry major challenge to transition to the development and manufacture of more ...Passenger motor vehicles accounted for 7.8 per cent of Australia's total greenhouse...... and undermine the industry's international competitiveness and its ability to ...

[PDF] Improving International Competitiveness in Australian Business The Role of Government in International Competitiveness. 7. Nature of ..... emergingmanufacturing sector; and extensive regulation of business. By the early ...... Tariffs are highest for passenger motor vehicles (PMV) and textiles, clothing, and ...

Ford expected to end local production

ABC Online - 19 hours ago... more competitive imports and an increasingly cautious consumer. ... Dave Smith of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says the ...

 Footwear Industry 

Government will only grant on a sure thing Sydney Morning Herald - 1 day ago  Provides grants of up to $50000 for projects to improve the business enterprise culture of established small textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) ...


Clothing and textiles Industries

1.      The “use-and-throw-away” workers The Guardian (Australia) - 3 Jul 2012  That is not the experience of an increasing number of Australian workers. ... costs, preparing the way for its commodification in a highly competitive market place.... migrant women in the textile, clothing and footwear industry.

Education, Tourism, Biotechnology, IT, Clean Energy Sectors

Education services

Boost to International Education Sector in Response to Knight Review  22 Sep 2011 - 'Our international education sector is world class, and the reforms announced today will help entrench Australia as a preferred destination for international...

Wages crash in education sector | Story ... - The Australian  30 Mar 2012 - THE overall pay packet has fallen more for education and training than any other industry group, with the sector's workers losing almost $100 million in just three ...

Sector ignored despite $3bn hit | Story & Education ... - The Australian  14 Mar 2012 - INTERNATIONAL education is "flying under the radar" as a contributor to a faltering national economy, even though plunging student revenues could push some ...


 Tourism minister defends CSG industry Trading Room - 9 Jul 2012 ... has told a tourism industry breakfast the east coast of Australia is most ... sometimes competinginterests of the tourism and mining industries. 

Australia, you've got it wrong: airline boss says tourism campaign's a ... Sydney Morning Herald - 5 days ago

He believed the Australian tourism industry should focus on "more basic ... "The reality is today


Kinase Inhibitors Market to Reach $11.6 Billion in US, $40.3 Billion ... Business Review Australia (press release) - 10 Jul 2012

... is essential to companies that wish to compete on the global stage.... for kinase inhibitors in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Information communication  technology

AIIA CEO: Don't blame vendors for high IT prices Australian Techworld - 23 minutes ago

Suzanne Campbell, CEO of the Australian Information Industry ... Representing the ICT industry, such as vendors, which have stated that ... different categories highlights the fact that competition is “vigorous” and not static.

Government helps with Silicon Valley push iTWire - 1 day agoThe Minister said that Exa, Australia's largest online solutions provider, had ... Mr Rich-Phillips said Victoria offered global players acompetitive ... jobs in Victoria's information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

Renewable energy

Get energetic on wind, solar  Tasmania Mercury - 1 Jul 2012  Get energetic on wind, solar IT'S time for Australians to start taking renewable energy ... She said therenewable energy industry's challenge was to engineer technologies that were cheap enough to compete against coal.


 Credit "The Punch"


WTO Disputes involving Australia

Australian Competitiveness


[PDF]  Improving International Competitiveness in Australian Business [Business Council of Australia]

Much progress has been made in improving the international competitiveness of. Australian industry following a series of economic reforms since the 1980s.


[PDF]  Topic 2 - Australia's Place In The Global Economy []

regarded as an economic problem. Australia produces few advanced technology items, making the economy reliant on imports. § International Competitiveness ...


Politicians harming international competitiveness  [ABC News]

5 Apr 2012 – The new head of the Business Council of Australia has accused both sides of politics for a slide in Australia's international competitiveness. ... quoted from the World Economic Forum's scale of global competitiveness in which ...



14 Mar 2012 – Australia's future economic prosperity is no longer assured. ... down to the minutiae that can help restore the international competitiveness that ...


Australia's Productivity Growth Slump: Signs of Crisis, Adjustment or ... 19 Apr 2012 – This paper by visiting researcher Dean Parham was released on 19 April 2012.


Impact of Overseas Economies on Australian Economy

 Shanghai, China



[PDF]  Fact sheet 1 - Economic impact 2012

THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION. South Australia's No 1 Service Export. The international education industry poured $925 million ...


[PDF] China's future growth and its impact on Australia []

Despite the rapid growth of the emerging market economies recently, led by China, non-OECD countries still account for only. 25% of global Gross Domestic ...


Vulnerable to External Influences – The Economic State of Australia ... [The Daily Reckoning]

9 Feb 2012 – Australian companies' overseas earnings also face significant pressure due to economic weakness in Europe and its effect on the other ...


[PDF] The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on Australia and South Korea

International Journal of Business and Social Science ... Rarely has a regionaleconomic crisis had such clear and immediate effects ... debt worries effecting Portugal, Ireland, and Spain with greater devastation and impact with Greece which has ... discipline package once the Euro was introduced in 2000 under the name of ...

APA Referencing

Don't forget to reference the sources you use in your report.

Use the APA Referencing Guide on our Library website for instructions on how to do this.


Hot Topics Hot Topics Hot Topics Hot Topics Hot Topics Hot Topics

Retail Industry

Stocks stage strong rebound | Here's what the ABS said about the retail sector - note that ...Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) has extended a ...

Australia Stimulus Helps Shoppers Shake Doldrums: Retail Bloomberg - 4 days ago

Still, the retail industry weakened last year, reflecting seven interest-rate ... The strengthening Australian dollar also squeezed local retailers by ...

Strategies from  Successful Retailers


Super Retail Group 3 May 2012 – Super Retail Group Presentation. Macquarie Securities. 2012 Australian Conference. Peter Birtles. Managing Director and Chief Executive ...

eCommerce Trends - Forrester Group 31 Jan 2011 – Why Read This Report. 2010 marked a year of significant changes in the Internet landscape (primarily with the growth of social networks and ...

Concentration of News media Ownership

Media intrusion should worry all  The Australian Financial Review - 6 days ago

The federal government is justifying more intrusive media regulation, including proposed rules for a public interest test for ownership of media ...

Media plans threaten democracy: BCA The Australian Financial Review - 5 days ago The Business Council of Australia has slammed the Labor government's ... “Increasing government control over media ownership and standards around the ...
and the newspaper paradigm

The New York Times Is Now Supported by Readers, Not Advertisers ...

New York Times 26th July 2012 Circulation revenue is above ad revenue for the second quarter in a row.

 Food processing

Rural Report for Northern Tasmania : Friday 27th July 2012

ABC Local - 5 days ago  It's a plan for Australia's food industry over the next 30 years that was promised by the federal ... Attention young regional Australians... 


[PDF] Drivers of Pharmaceutical Industry Investment  1.3 The wider benefits of the pharmaceutical industry to Australia. 20. Chapter 2. Drivers of ...... International competitiveness will only be achieved if Australian ...

Infrastructure shortages

Navel gazing and infrastructure buck passing Business Spectator - 5 hours ago

As the state with the largest population and biggest economy inAustralia, ... no realistic long-term plan to address this infrastructure shortage is ...

Super funds back privatisation for billions The Australian - 1 day ago  The pressure comes as Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese puts the ... the key constraint to massive spending is not shortage of funds but lack of ... Infrastructure Australia urged federal and state governments two weeks ...

Introduction of the carbon Tax

Labor embraces voters' warmer view ofcarbon tax Sydney Morning Herald - 11 hours ago

Australians warm to carbon tax ... The poll, taken a month after the introduction of the tax, shows the proportion of voters who thought they ...

Many people still fear carbon tax: Abbott Sydney Morning Herald - 23 hours ago Many Australians are still concerned about the federal government's carbon ... The Fairfax/Nielsen poll, taken about a month after theintroduction of a ... The previous poll taken before the carbon taxbegan on July 1 found that ...

The high AUD


Propping up spent sectors is outdated The Australian - 4 days ago

THE high Australian dollar is quickening the inevitable death of the ... and most smaller than Kurnell - are under the same competitive threat.

The phenomenal force driving the Aussie dollar Business Spectator - 23 Jul 2012 ... commodity prices are down, interest rates are falling – yet the Australian dollar is up. ... until relatively recently, the halo effect of the commodities boom. ...It's not Australia or Canada, but relative to european economies, its a ...

Imported labour as per the 457 Visa

Australia to import more IT workers Sydney Morning Herald - 6 Jul 2012 Many ICT professionals are critical of the 457 visasystem, which they ... not lower their standards so low as to match the imported cheap labour.


Outsourcing of labour to Asian countries

Redefining Outsourcing: Liberating Small Scale Businesses from ... Business Review Australia - 9 Jul 2012

Cost is the major reason to outsource. Saving expenses on labour, operational overheads and taxes is enough motivation to consider the Allie Schratz

The Buy Australia Made campaign

The quality of Australian products On Line opinion - 4 days ago

When people are asked why they don't buy Australian goods, the answer ... The 'Australia shops' that I am campaigning for, to be promoted by ...

Dick Smith grabs AACo share Weekly Times Now - 17 Jul 2012 The buy-Australian made campaigner has bought $1 million of shares... hypocritical when campaigning against foreign buy-outs of farmland.

Impact of overseas economies on the Australian Economy

Adapt to the tide of change, or perish The Australian Financial Review - 2 days ago

Australian manufacturers are facing change on many fronts. ... do to deal with the apparent rapid transformation of the Australian economy ... to compete in foreign markets or with foreignimported products. ... What is different now is the scale of the effect of the emergence of the big emerging economies into ...

 Pipeline to the future

Credit Australian Financial Review

Australian Agriculture and Agribusiness


Dairy industry says carbon tax will cut farm milk prices  12 Jul 2011 – Research and development group Dairy Australia that fears the dairy industry will lose international competitiveness under a carbon tax.

[PDF] Australian Dairy Industry Council  Dairy Industry Submission to Review of Export Policies & Programs ..... greatly affect our international competitiveness and our ability to access specific markets.

Dairy reconnects with new peak body

Stock Journal - 1 day ago... the mothballed Milk Marketing NSW and the Dairy Industry Conference. ... and ongoing links with NSW Farmers and Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF). ...exports could be a key to providing more competitionfor NSW milk, ...


Canegrowers chief says growers' debt 'viable' The Cairns Post - 5 Jul 2012

“By in large the level of debt by sugar industry borrowers is about half that of others,” he said. ... “I think the outlook is quite bright, prices are quite solid and the ..., the australian, adelaide now, teh daily telegraph ...

Asian demand sweet for cane The Australian - 19 Jul 2012 But while the economic laws of supply and demand are working in favour of the Australian sugar industry, it is also a sector at the mercy of the ...


Sugar crush grinds to a halt ABC Online - 11 Jul 2012 This was the season the entire sugar industry had hoped would bring a ... In Australia's largest cane growing region, the Burdekin, less than 10 ...




Aussie citrus industry divided over US export deregulation

Fresh Fruit Portal - 6 days ago

“The removal of the single desk structure could be destabilizing for the Australian citrus industry as the U.S.A. market has historically provided a ...


Better sizes, tougher competition for Australia's US citrus season

Fresh Fruit Portal - 10 Jul 2012 Aussie citrus industry divided over U.S. export deregulation ... Last year a strong currency inhibited Australia's citrus exports to a degree in the ...


[PDF] THE AUSTRALIAN APPLE INDUSTRY SQUEEZE DOMESTIC APPLE INDUSTRY OVERVIEW  28. 2.1. DOMESTIC ..... Striving to improve international competitiveness;. • Gearing ...

[PDF] Planning for the Future The apple industry has been largely closed to import competition. This has benefited.... the international competitiveness of the Australian pome fruit industry ...

Live Beef Exports

 Australia's 'surprise' decision to ban live exports driving Indonesian ...  ABC 8 May 2012 – ... Indonesia, says his country is determined to be self-sufficient in beefby ... Australia's 'surprise' decision to ban live exports driving Indonesian ...

Live cattle exports and Indonesian beef | Economists at Large The ACIAR report is no anti-live exports publication. It considers that: Imported feeder cattle are essential for the Indonesian beef industry to provide it with ...

Ludwig confident live cattle exports will continue to Indonesia ABC Online - 3 Jul 2012

The Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig says he believes the live cattle export industry will continue to play a key role in supplying protein ...


Wine Australia  6 Jul 2012 - Industry peak body; with production overview, statistics, maps, regulations, and news.

Wine industry digests unpalatable truths  Sydney Morning Herald 28 Nov 2011 - AUSTRALIA'S biggest and most well-known family owned wine companies have posted flat revenue and shrinking earnings in the 2011 financial year as the ...

Wine industry hard-hit by high dollar - The Business - ABC News ...7 Feb 2012 - Winemakers are faced with a glut of product and are praying for a reduction in the exchange rate so they can export successfully.