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Links to sites about noteworthy Australians.

The School Window

Who should be in a "new" school window?

Sporting Achievements

War Heroes


Alternative Websites

Check out the databases we subscribe to by using the eResources tab from the top of the Library home page then clicking on the link.

Use Britannica and Library Webs. They will all give you different information or sources.

When using Wikipedia, don;t forget to check out the External Links at the bottom of the page!

How to cite a website

CiteMaker Instructions

Google Search Tips

General Websites

Prime Ministers

Use these links to explore information about our past prime ministers.

Artistic Figures

Information Process Part 1

How to define your task

Create a stained glass effect in Photoshop

This is a detailed video that shows you how to create an image with a stained glass effect. There are lots of steps but there are clear instructions.