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Savvy Searching: Savvy Searching 2

Developing info-savvy students - with a senior focus.

Savvy Searching 2

Developing Info-Savvy Students

with a Senior Focus: Part 2



Other Libraries

Member of the Qld State Library? Borrowing operates the same way, but to borrow, you need to be a member.


Queensland State Library catalogue
How to join: Read about membership here
Join Online here, or fill in this .pdf form here and post it.

National Library of Australia: arranged as a selection of 'Collections'.
The online (e-resources) here are worth joining the library to access. Free to join.

Get a free NLA library card - details here.

Subjects v Keywords


Subject searching vs Keyword searching in a database:

Here are some key points about each type of search and their differences.

MySearch Source Types

Invisible Web

What is the Invisible Web?


Google and other search engines only access the top 20% of the information available on the web - the remainder is either hidden (but freely available with the right search tools), or it is locked behind password-protected websites - eg our school databases.

If you learn to use different sources of information, you will be able to access far more high-quality information.

Using MySearch

How to get the most from My-Search


MySearch displays search results in a similar way to the State Library of Queensland, UQ or Trove.

It searches many databases, e-books, journals, newspapers and assorted articles. 

The information can be filtered using side bars.

BGS Catalogue items are also included in your results list.


1. Log in to EBSCO/ create an account for saving your resources. This account will last through your entire BGS experience.

2. Search in the search field for your topic. Note the prompts for a subject... they may assist you to find a tighter topic search.

3. Check the limiters.

  • Source types. While browsing, select only a few (Academic Journals/ eBooks/ Primary Sources)
  • Subject. This will again prompt you to narrow your topic.
  • Publication. This is another way to stay on track. You are probably seeking subject specific publications at this early stage of your research.
  • Content Provider. This is important after you have selected via the above filters. Choose the BGS database you might prefer. The hits for each are listed here.

4. Manage the resource.

  • Borrow an eBook. (Downloads to Adobe Digital Editions)
  • Download articles as a pdf to your computer. 
  • Email or store/save in your EBSCO folder using the icons on right of screen.


Using eBooks



An eBook is a different type of resource to an online database article. Information eBooks are available to borrow from several sources at BGS.

1. MySearch includes our BGS purchased titles. Use the filters to navigate to eBooks exclusively.

2. You can also access eBooks via memberships to the State Library, BCCC Library and the National Library of Australia.



To use MySearch effectively, you will need to set up the following:

Create an account in EBSCO.

Sign in using your school email and password of choice.

Download Adobe Digital Editions to your computer. This is the platform to open eBooks in Offline mode.



1. Use the eBook link directly from the eResources pages, or via MySearch (includes all BGS purchased eBooks as well).

2. Books can be downloaded, or managed online. (The Publisher decides how we can access these resources)

NOTE: To read offline, Adobe Digital Editions needs to be installed, and you need to be logged in to EBSCO in order to borrow the book first.

3. Select 'Create an account' for first time use in EBSCO. 

Your books, notes and links will all be saved in the folder at the top of the screen if you have logged in first.

Using the Library Catalogue

finding books on THE SHELVES 

Our BGS Catalogue

Use MySearch to check the availabilitylocation of books, or which library they are found in.

To email pages scanned to your computer for out-of-school use, use the Photocopy/ Scan option. There is NO COST, even though you need to scan your card to start.

Trolleys will be maintained with books while the task is running, but the shelves are still worth checking for top-up books.


Examples of Dewey details from Year 11 MH tasks:

943 Germany

943.058 Weimar and Third Reich

951 Modern China

and AH task:

930, 937, 937.05, 937.07.


Examples from Year 10 tasks:

940.53   World War II

940.5421 European Theatre of War

940.5423 African Theatre of War

940.5426 Pacific Theatre of War (including Australia and New Guinea)

940.544 Air operations

940.545 Naval operations

940.5472 Prisoners of War