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Brendan Kelly: Books I'm Reading

Library staff share their recommendations for books, music, ebooks, magazines audiobooks, and more.



Digital Media Officer

Favourite authors
XW.H. Auden
Rober Silverberg
Malachi Martin
Harry Harrison
Jeanette Winterson



Don Quixote
by Miguel de Cervantes

My little trick to teleport to Spain when I need to quickly.


Data Visualisation
by Andy Kirk

This guy just beat everyone to realising how important data visualisation is and will increasingly be.

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The World Inside
by Robert Silverberg

Guilty of re-reading this numerous times, each time I do I think we are edging a little closer to this world.


The Last Starship from Earth
by John Boyd

I’m saying nothing, just read this if you can find a copy for a terrific surprise.


Any collected works of W.H. Auden

His entire personality is poetry. Somebody asked him once what he thought of himself. He quickly replied that he ‘had a face that looked like a wedding cake that had been left out in the rain’ – I think that’s all I needed to look further. I will be grateful until the oceans are folded and hung up to dry that I did.