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Australia in the Post War World: Year 10 History: Example: STEVE IRWIN




Focus Question 1   
Who was Steve Irwin?

Write a biographical sketch of the person or a summary of the event.

What is a biographical sketch?  Here are some quick tips but to understand more click here.

  1. Get basic information about the subject;
  2. List their achievements and influences;
  3. Consider how you will arrange the information;
  4. Verify the information to ensure its accuracy.


Basic information:

"Born in Melbourne, Australia, on February 22, 1962, Steve Irwin grew up on a wildlife park owned by his parents and went on to become an animal enthusiast and TV personality, hosting the popular series Crocodile Hunter and appearing on major talk shows. Irwin's work spawned an array of merchandise tie-ins. He was killed by a stingray during a diving expedition on September 4, 2006, off the coast of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia." 

Read more of Steve Irwin's biography here:


A&E Television Networks (2018). Steve Irwin. Biography. Retrieved from

Focus Question 2   
What were Steve Irwin's major achievements?


  • What were they?
  • How were they achieved?
  • How did people react?
  • What was the impact?


Key Terms

Search for:

"Steve Irwin" + achievement OR accomplishments 


Focus Question 3

How have Steve Irwin's ideas changed the way modern zoos and documentaries educate, inform and entertain?


  • To what extent did Steve Irwin succeed (or fail)?
  • How effective were his ideas?
  • How popular were his ideas?
  • Who were the beneficiaries and losers?
  • What were the turning points?


Key Terms

Search for:

"Steve Irwin" + legacy OR influence OR importance OR hero


Inspiration for people around the world - Steve Irwin Honoured with Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Australia Zoo Hospital for injured animals - Irwin's Ark 

Research - Crocodile study in Queensland's Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve to assess climate change impact



Consider these questions when developing your research questions.

What? – the nature of things

Who/ what was it?

How was it achieved?

What did they do?How did people react?

What was the impact?

So What? – the significance of things

Extent to which it succeeded (or failed)?


Popular or not?Beneficiaries and losers?

Turning points?



ClickView Video

Steve Irwin is interviewed by Andrew Denton on the television show Enough Rope.