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Years 5 - 6

These are fun, interactive and practical home learning resources that are designed to be used by children. These include interactive games, video tutorials and downloadable home learning packs.

All year levels

CommonLit is a nonprofit edtech company with an online library of over 1,500 authentic reading passages, text sets, units, and digital learning tools. Teachers can create classes and assign texts digitally. Students can annotate text, respond to comprehension questions, take assessments, and more. Read aloud and translation tools are also included. Teachers also have access to free data reports.

As a nonprofit, is always 100% free to all teachers, parents, and students.

All year levels

5,390+ robust, original stories based on primary sources and presented in various media formats: written, dramatized narrations, videos, images, maps, and more!

Free stories each day are available for access - see the home page and the What Matters Now tabs.

All year levels

The leading digital edition of Shakespeare’s plays. Because of its self-study aspect and smart phone implementation, it's particularly useful in an online classroom environment.

All year levels

Mindful Poetry Moments is a free program that offers a chance to pause and reflect on poetry's ability to encounter ourselves, the world, and the mystery of each other. Participating schools, individuals and organizations will be offered recordings of poets - including Brad Aaron Modlin, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Naomi Shihab Nye, Carrie Newcomer and Gregory Orr - reading their work from two of The On Being Project’s content offerings: the On Being with Krista Tippett radio show and podcast and/or Poetry Unbound podcast. The audio will be accompanied by mindful prompts and meaning-making questions like "Does this poem encourage gratitude? How?” and "What’s a line in this poem that brings a strong visual image to your mind?"

Year 7+

Teaches students how to write a paragraph online. 

As long as the COVID-19 crisis persists, Merit will offer students FREE and DISCOUNTED online access to its products.