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Library: 2017 Library Highlights

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Tony retains his Champion Chess Player title - one vs eight!!

Chopstick Challenge to Celebrate Multiculturalism at BGS - see our blog for more!

Horror Time - read The Pulse for more information!

Music on the Green - see our blog for more!

Author of the Legendary 12 graphic novel series, Son Bac Ngo, visits BGS

NAIDOC Week Display

Boys from Closing the Gap Committee set up a NAIDOC display in the Learning Commons this week, complete with a didgeridoo that the boys helped to make when they were up in North Queensland last year.

2017 Tea Duel - see our blog for more!

Engineering in the Centenary Library

TEDxYouth@BGS - 2017 Playlist now available on YouTube

Our 2017 TEDxYouth@BGS playlist is now available on YouTube.

Also see our 2016 TEDxYouth@BGS playlist.

TEDx at Brisbane Grammar 4th August 2017 in The Forum

Manga Pop-up Store

Digital Stories

Our Years 7 and 8 boys have been exploring digital stories in their Library lessons. This is a great way to introduce them to a different reading experience.

House of Cards

Look at the house these boys built using the BFG Giant Playing Cards!

Spring Hill Young Writers - 2017 Worskhop

Examples of Media in the Classrooms

From flying a drone to flying a plane!

Last year James - one of our Old Boys - very generously gave up his time each week to come in and work with some of the Year 9 boys on building and flying a quadcopter.  
Since then, he has moved on to flying his own plane!!

Aficionados Book Club - Shopping Trip to Dymocks

Choralfest 2017 at BGS

During the holidays the Lilley Centre was used to host part of the
Australian National Choral Association’s Choralfest 2017.


Visit by Peadar O'Guilin, author of 'The Call'. See The Pulse for more....

Author Mark Greenwood visits BGS

New subscription to the Australian Financial Review

Australian Financial Review Subscription

Enjoy unlimited access to Australia's best business news and market insights and stay informed with incisive analysis and insights into the market.

Access this from our eResources page (see us for the password).


Library Lovers' Day

Reconciliation Week

New Library Displays to Start the Year

2017 Writer-in-Residence, Brian Falkner

2017 BGS Year 8 Poetry Slam Competition

Our Student/ Teacher Great Debate

Father's Day Crafting - See our blog for more

Gender Respect - Listen to Her - See our blog for more information

Lovecraft and Horror in the Senior Library

Frankentoys are coming to the eXchange!!

Forensics for Open Day and Science Week

Stories in the Wild - a Signature Progam for Year 7s

Readers Cup atttracts teams from 21 different schools!! See our blog for more.

Savvy Scientists

The culmination of a unit of work occurred last night with the Year 5 Savvy Scientist evening. Boys have been honing their research skills and learning about the legacy of famous scientists. Each student took on the role of his scientist and became this person for the night. 

Boys have learnt about the Information Process, how to use our online encylcopedia Britannica School, as well as how to process and synthesise information. All three teacher librarians have been on hand to assist with the learning process.


May the fourth be with you...

Lunchtime in the Centenary Library

TEDx - Sign up now on MyGrammar!


Friday 4 August!!  See our lineup of speakers here.

Year 12 Barbershop Group 

The Senior Vocal Sextet are six Year 12 Grammar boys, who have been together as a group since the beginning of the year, continuing the recent tradition of a senior chamber vocal ensemble which the school has maintained.

Year 12 Barbershop Group 

These boys have performed at a number of events, including at end-of-term music concerts, various school functions throughout the year and the premier music concert of the year - Grammar in Concert.

Media Team  

Most of these boys are part of the Digital Media Club, and are very skilled cameramen. Their role is to help out with photographing, filming and editing the videos ready to go up onto the TED YouTube chanel.

Year 11 Tonos String Quartet

Our 2017 Tea Duel

Our 2017 Tea Duel will now be held on the last Thursday lunchtime of this term.
Don't miss it!!

See last year's Tea Duel here.

Book Week 2017

2017 Somerset Literature Festival - see The Pulse for more!

2017 Library Photo Competition

'Send us a Postcard' Photo Competition - see our blog for more

Teen Tech Week in the Centenary Library

Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers assisting in the Senior Library - see our blog for more

The Water Tower - a fabulous SciFi book!!

Our Tribute to the Anzacs

Yr 7 Centenary Library Orientation