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Library: 2022 Library Highlights

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Board Game Appreciation

Every Friday in Break 2, Board Game Appreciation is running in the Middle School Library. There's loads of games to chose from and lots of fun to be had.


We honour the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

Get borrowing for Easter!

Bullying NO WAY!

BGS supports the National Day of Action against bullying and violence. Come visit the library and see the displays of fiction and non-fiction books about resilience and actions against bullying.

See the ePlatform wellness library for eBooks!

eBook Week 6-13 March

Check out Sora and ePlatform and borrow an eBook this week!


Home Based Learning, Again

Keeping afloat during a natural disaster, Brisbane flood crisis March 2022

Research Help with Science

Our Library staff play an integral part in developing students’ research and information literacy skills. These skills are particularly critical for Science, as boys are required to find credible data sources to support their research claims. During their recent Science lessons, Year 10s were taught research and analytical skills in reading high-level academic journal articles specific to their upcoming assignment. Finding and interpreting relevant, credible data is challenging, which is why it is important to refine and build upon these skills, enabling the boys to apply them in each research task they undertake.  

As a follow up to this lesson, Year 10 classes were invited to the Forum during Consolidation and Preparation time this week for the opportunity to have one-on-one research help. Our Library staff are always available to assist boys with locating and evaluating quality sources and creating in-text citations and referencing to support boys in becoming confident and independent researchers by the time they leave school.

Below are students' feedback from the sessions:

  • "I find these sessions useful when I am stuck trying to find the one little bit of data I am looking for. These sorts of sessions have helped me develop my searches to be able to find the data"
  • "quite productive and helpful"
  • "useful and informative"

Happy Library Lovers' Day!

Celebrating all the reasons we love our Libraries. 

Year 7 Research Ancient Sites

Ms Smith working with the boys to introduce them to academic integrity; databases including ProQuest and Explora; referencing guides and saving sources.

May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth is a date firmly etched on Star Wars fans’ calendars, and our Star Wars books continue to be popular reads for the boys. This week during lunch breaks, BGS Libraries offered engaging activities based around this theme. The boys created thumb doodles using pen and ink pads, raced droids, watched the story come to life on the screen and competed in trivia competitions!

What did you read these holidays?


Harmony Week

Science Fiction, Outside

Year 8's taking advantage of the beautiful weather while immersed in Science Fiction book discussions.

The Water Tower
(by Gary Crew & Steve Woolman)

Year 8 boys have enjoyed unravelling this book in the lead-up to writing their own science fiction short story. Once they appreciated the significance of the circle symbol on everything related to water in the book, they were then surprised to find that they too had been 'infected' by drinking the water.

International Women's Day

Recognising Women in Literature

Feeding the World

We are kicking off 2022 by encouraging the boys to think about the future of feeding the world- particularly in terms of environmental sustainability. Could industrialised insect-farming be part of the solution? 

Year 7 Centenary Library Orientation

A big welcome to the 10 classes of Year 7's who came in for their orientation in the Centenary Library. Each boy left with at least one chapter book and a welcome pen and bookmark.