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Year 6 - Thrive in the Wild: Home

How animals adapt to their environments


Adaptation: an inherited or acquired modification in organisms that makes them better suited to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.

Camouflage: protective colouring or another feature that conceals an animal and enables it to blend into its surroundings.

Migration: a seasonal journey to a place with a more suitable climate.

Habitat: the home of an animal or plant.


Legal Music

In order to use music from the internet legally, go to this site and then click on the COPYRIGHT FRIENDLY MUSIC AND SOUNDS tab. Use the links provided. ALWAYS read the copyright information before downloading and using the file.

Databases to Use

Access our databases by clicking on the eResources page link in the 

Assignment Help tab at the Library Website. 


Library Webs is a great starting place for websites related to animals. Once you are in the database, do a search or choose a category.



Britannica School Edition will give you authoritative information about animals from many of its articles.

Wikipedia is also a good source of information - make sure that the details you read are correct!


Youtube will also be helpful for your assessment task.

General websites

What is adaptation?

Adaptation Video

Just for fun!

Draw that Habitat!

Draw habitats for imaginary animals. See and rate other kids' drawings.

Plant and Animal Habitats

Match aliens with the best habitat based on clues about both creature and habitat.

Switch Zoo

Build an online habitat.

Black footed Ferret

Build a perfect habitiat for one of the most endangered species in the world.

Animal Adaptations 

Take a quiz!

Eco-kids - Animal Adaptations

A quick game to play.

Glogster sample


Here is a sample glog about a cactus.

You can do much better than this!


Cactus Glog

When you have permission from your teacher

to begin your own glog, click here and register

with the special code your eacher gives you.



How to Glogster

Here are two tutorials on how to use Glogster.

Mammals Websites

African Elephants
Mark Newman / Photo Researchers / Universal Images Group
Image from Britannica Image Quest



Marine Animals - Websites


Explore these links to research your animal.

Don't forget to use the books too!




(Illustration from Britannica Image Quest)

Reptiles websites


Frill-necked Lizard


Michael McCoy / Photo Researchers / Universal Images Group

Image from Britannica Image Quest 


Birds websites


Emperor Penguin


David Tipling / NHPA / Photoshot / Universal Images Group
Image from Britannica Image Quest


Insects websites


Ulysses Buterfly



Gunter Ziesler / Peter Arnold Images / Photolibrary / Universal Images Group
Image from Britannica Image Quest