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What is History?: Home

Year 7 introduction to the subject of History.

Useful Websites - General


Amphora from Hacilar. Turkey 

De Agostini Editorie /

ARA GULER/ Universal Images Group

(Image from Britannica Image Quest.)


Use these links to explore aspects of history.

 List of Useful Websites 

Worth a look!


Cave painting, Lascaux, France

Robert Harding Productions / Robert Harding World Imagery / Universal Images Group

(Image from Britannica Image Quest)

Explore these links to great sites about the ancient past.


Primary vs Secondary Sources

What is the difference between a PRIMARY and a SECONDARY source? This site will help you find out!

Click here for helpful information.



History: from the ancient past to the present.



Neolithic men hunting  

De Agostini Editorie PICTURE LIBRARY/ Universal Images Group (Image from Britannica Image Quest)


Databases to Use

Access our databases by clicking on the CONTENT link above the Library page in MyGrammar.

Library Webs is a great starting place for websites related to History. 

Britannica Encyclopedia will give you authoritative information on many historical topics. You can search through reference articles, journals and magazines and there are recommendations for great websites. Check out the multimedia content too!

Britannica image Quest is a good source for images. Click on the information icon to find out more about each picture as well as the citation details (for your bibliography!)


Check out the Agricultural (Neolithic) Revolution clip on Brainpop.

The Stone Age

Visit the Scara Brae website here.


John Downer / Nature Picture Library / Universal Images Group

(Image from Britannica Quest.)


Visit the Stone Henge website here.


(Image from Britannica Quest.)





The first in a series of videos available about the Stone Ages. Check out the rest of the series on Youtube.

What does an archaeologist do?

Cool Jobs: Archaeologists A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist Mystery skeleton mystifies archaeologists

Prehistoric Times

Here is a list of links about ancient people and their times. There are activities and games to play as well as information to read.

Aboriginal History

Jacob Halaska / Index Stock / Photolibrary / Universal Images Group (Image from Britannica Image Quest)