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Year 12 Economics: Contemporary Macro-Economic Management

Understanding the forces that shape the modern world.

Using the BGS resources


Browse in the eResources pages for information from Newspapersmagazines and databases and BGS video libraries

You can also search the catalogue, and find/download eBooks from the BGS MYSEARCH linked here.
In particular, use the ANZRC Reference, IBISWorld database and ANZ Point of View linked here, and
Jstor for higher level searching.


Current Environmental Issues 2014 and 2015
Current Social Issues 2014 and 2015
(Real time newspaper articles sorted by topic from across Australian papers. 
See  magazine stand for full copy)

Trove has most Australian newspapers digitised

NOTE: The National Library of Australia: is arranged as a selection of 'Collections'.
The online (e-resources) here are worth joining the library to access. Free to join.
Get an NLA library card details here. It's free.


Find these magazine titles in the BGS library stands or online here
Try Geodate, Newsweek

Explore the top Publications tab in MYSEARCH for many titles

Example: Harvard International Review


Britannica Image Quest

AP Images (EBSCO link in eResources)



Economic Papers - Economic Society of Australia
(A forum for analyzing a wide range of economists' views from the business, government and academic communities)



State Library of Queensland - SLQ eResources
How to join: Read about membership here
Join Online here, or fill in this .pdf form here and post it.

(from MyGrammar subject page)

The Conversation
The Guardian Australian edition
The Economist
Smart Company
Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS)
Parliamentary Library - Queensland
IbisWorld Database (login from eResources page)
Reserve Bank of Australia


Youth unemployment is too high in Australia.
Indigenous unemployment is too high in Australia
The expected unemployment from closure of the Aus Auto industry needs to be addressed

The Conversation - unemployment


The cost of living in Australia is too high

Spatial variation in prices and expenditure in Australia - Article from Economic Report 2015 
Mishra, A., & Ray, R. (2014). Spatial Variation in Prices and Expenditure Inequalities in Australia. Economic Record, 90(289), 137-159. doi:10.1111/1475



The Defence Force should upgrade the ageing submarine fleet.
The current border protection policy needs to be reviewed.


Economic Growth

Australia should improve productivity to drive future economic growth.

Housing Market

The Australian housing market is unaffordable for first home buyers.

Welfare and social security

The current system of carer or pensioner payments needs to be reviewed.
Australia's ageing population is putting too much pressure on the pension.
The minimum wage is too high (or too low).
The gap between the rich and poor in Australia is widening.


Education outcomes in Australia are inequitable.
Australia needs to improve participation in Science and Maths.
There is a shortage of quality teachers in Australia.
The current model of higher education spending needs to be reviewed.

Finishing the task


1. Have you tried scanning your information to your email address? Use the library photocopiers!
It's free, doesn't need your ID card, and gives you access to the print book/relevant pages at home. Be sure to scan the front page for the reference info later on.

2. Use CiteMaker to reference your reading lists.
Handy hint is to save the link to your taskbar in the browser for quick and ready access as you work.
NOTE: Start by creating your account, using your school details. 
This allows you to save all the references to reuse and revise at any time.

3. Navigating the BGS eResources
Looks at How to use the filters in the eResources page to find the eBooks.

4. Savvy Searching in Google




Industry - mining

Industry - Manufacturing

The Conversation - Mining industry

Industry - Retail