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Year 7 A Trip through the Ancient World: Research

Start your History research here.



Research Databases

Reliable content and easy-to-use functionality to help you conduct research for your assignment.

Click Here to search for both primary and secondary sources.

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Academic database with an extensive collection of articles.

A large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles you can borrow and use at home.

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Your Task

You are to research one historical site from around the world and present a speech to justify why it should be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  • Research: Record your research notes, with correct referencing, and submit them in the log provided.  Include your bibliography, presented in APA format. 
  • Presentation: Present a justification of why your chosen historical site should be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, in a 3-4 minute oral presentation created in Glogster
  • Reflection: After other students' presentations, you will complete a set of reflection sheets.


UNESCO and World Heritage


Check out what the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has to say about World Heritage.


Great resources to begin your research.

BBC. (2014). History. BBC. Retrieved

This online encyclopedia has some great background information to get you started on your research. 

Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited. (2019). Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved from 


This is a good starting point to build your knowledge. You can search for your particular site or browse by topic.

Dot Dash Publishing (n.d.). Ancient History and Culture. ThoughtCo. Retrieved

Learn about the world’s great civilizations. Read profiles of cultures across the continents including the Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania, and the Near East.

The Ancient Web. (2019). Explore the Ancient World. Retrieved

Evaluating Information

Choosing credible and reliable information is critical.


TV, Film and Documentaries




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