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Year 8 Art: 4 Australian Paintings

chose a painting by a famous Australian artist


Choose a painting by an Australian artist from the images provided.

Write a four-paragraph critique of the painting.

Present on A4 paper and include an illustration.


Use the Habit of Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision

Elaborate your statements with explanations, comparisons, quantification and evidence

Speak and write in sentences.

Use words that say what you mean; avoid vague words like things, they, best, greatest.

Be specific not general.

Learn art terms and make a point of using them accurately.

Use a variety of sentence structures and structural words like conjunctions and prepositions. Choose constructions that suit your meaning.


Fred McCubbin, born in Melbourne in 1855

 Credit Geelong Gallery

Websites on Frederick McCubbin

Frederick McCubbin 1855 – 1917   Australian Dictionary of Biography


National Gallery of Victoria: Australian Impressionism Education ...

The plein-air landscape paintings of Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder,Frederick McCubbin, Jane Sutherland and many others, in which the artists ...

McCubbin Last Impressions 1907–17  National Gallery of Australia

Frederick McCubbin (1855–1917) was a son of Melbourne. He was born and brought up in working-class Melbourne, he trained at the National Gallery of ...


Books from the Senior Library

Peter Booth, born in Sheffield, England in 1940.


Websites on Peter Booth

Peter Booth Theme Encounters   National Gallery of Australia

Love and hate and the whole dam thing (and Peter Booth) Durvatuluk Manifesto

Jeffrey Smart, born in Adelaide in 1921


Websites on Jeffrey Smart

Jeffrey Smart Interview  Grafico Topico.

Talking Heads - Jeffrey Smart ABC 23 Jun 2008 – 

Jeffrey Smart is regarded as one of Australia's great artists. His unique, almost hyper-realistic pictures have sold for more than a million dollars ...


Jeffrey Smart and the voyage to Europe (book review) Quadrant On-line Magazine

Jeffrey Smart: beneath clouds [review] The Australia June 19, 2010

Jeffrey Smart  Featured works , Art Gallery NSW About the artist Jeffrey Smart and his work Truck and trailer approaching a city 1973.


Art Source (The art database)

Find Art Source in the eResources page link in the Assignment Help tab at the Library Website.

Grace Cossington-Smith, born in Sydney in 1892


Websites on Grace Cossington-Smith

Grace Cossington-Smith   Australian Dictionary of Biography 

Grace Cossington-Smith  Design & Art Australia Online

Grace Cossington Smith 

The bridge in-curve , by Grace Cossington Smith National Gallery of Victoria

Don't forget to include the following....

Identify the parts  -    

Art Title Date – What materials are used? What is in the painting? Look carefully the make notes; e.g. crystal clear water, thin figures, distant…


Identify the relationships within the composition   WHAT CAN YOU SEE?

What colours, lines, shapes, tones, textures are apparent? Look carefully and then make; e.g. ,bright colours, jagged lines, angular shapes, dark tones, rough texture, etc.  How are colours, lines, shapes, tones or textures used within the composition? Do they contribute toward the balance, unity, contrast, rhythm or movement within the composition?

How has the artist depicted space or things in the distance? How is the painting balanced or unified? What is contrasted within the painting? Is movement a feature?  How is it created? Is there a focal point? Is repetition used? What is repeated and why?

Find relevant research information about the Artist, the Times, the Painting  eg Where was the artist born? What features of his life are relevant to his art? What are some characteristics of his work in general? What is the artist concerned with in his/her work? What can you tell me about the times or period of art in which the work was created? What can you tell me about the work from your research into the artist?

Identify the main ideas communicated – the narrative or subject matter.

Is there a particular feeling or mood conveyed and if so, how is it conveyed?

Is there a particular meaning that you can give to the work and if so how is it conveyed and why is it communicated?