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Ancient China: Pop-up Museum

2000 years of Chinese History


Welcome to the 'Ancient China Pop-Up Museum' activity. Today in small groups you will be visiting a virtual pop-up museum on a specific aspect of ancient Chinese history. In your next lesson, you will make a short presentation to the rest of the class about what you have discovered. This presentation will take no more than 5 minutes and should include some visual aids (eg ppt).


You will need to explore the following questions:

  • What is the background of the topic - who, what, where, when, why, how?
  • Why is your topic a significant part of the history of ancient China?
  • How has learning about this topic enhanced your understanding of ancient China?
  • What questions do you have now about ancient China?


Kahoot time!

For your homework, your group is to write two or three multiple choice questions for the class to answer. The answer to your question must be contained in your presentation to the class. Email these questions to your teacher and they will be added to the Kahoot.


Use the iPad app Ancient China on Kids Discover to learn about the invention and use of fireworks.

Visit and read about the top 10 greatest inventions of Ancient China. 

Find out some 'fun facts' about Ancient Chinese inventions at

Discover the Four Great Inventions of Ancient China at China Highlights.

Learn about science in Ancient China at  History for Kids.

Chinese New Year

Discover the origin and history of the holiday by China Highlights. 

Read about Chinese New Year and find your zodiac sign. 

Find out all about the holiday and watch the clip at

Read the origin story about the Monster Nian by Travel China. 

Use the iPad app Ancient China on Kids Discover to learn about Chinese New Year.

Introduction to Ancient China

Terracotta Warriors

Explore the interactive Terracotta Army website by DK. and take the quiz. 

Read five fun facts about the army by History Stories. 

Watch the clip Terracotta Army from ABC Splash

Take a 360 degree virtual tour

Read about how the Terracotta Army was made by China Highlights

Battle Of Red Cliffs

Read an overview of the battle that has been made lists such as: 25 Worst Military Decisions Ever Made and 10 of the Bloodiest Battles in history and Largest Naval Battles in history. Then, take the quiz!

Read about the battle and look at work created to remember the event from the National Palace Museum. 

Look at where the battle took place and find out more about what occurred at The Finer Times. 

Great Wall of China

Go to Google Earth Pro and explore the Wall.

Watch this short video: Great Wall of China: fortress seen from moon

Watch some videos and read information about the Wall in

Read 12 Facts about the Wall.

How does UNESCO rate the Wall?

A National Geographic video.

Entertainment and Games

Read about Ancient Chinese games and entertainment at Ancient China Life.

Discover more about Ancient Chinese pass times and why board games were so popular. 

Read some fun facts about Ancient Chinese games and entertainment and take the quiz. 

Read about the history of fireworks at Historyplex. 

The Forbidden City

Read about The Forbidden City and take the quiz. 

Watch a clip about The Forbidden City by ABC Splash

Look at the interactive historical timeline and the interactive map at 'We all live in The Forbidden City'. 

Take a virtual tour of the modern day site. 

Read all about The Forbidden City at the Kahn Academy.